Mar 222018
Vindt de legermacht van Gog en Magog uit Ezechiel 38-39 zijn einde op de bergen van Israel ten tijde van Pesach of Sukkot in 2018, 2019 ... het manifest worden hiervan komt dichterbij!

Het is een vaststaand bijbels gegeven dat het Pascha, Hebreeuws Pesach (8-60-80), wat ‘overspringen’ betekent en waar het hele gebeuren met het lam nauw mee verbonden is, dit gebeuren ten tijde van Hizkia de koning van Juda een grote rol speelde. Er is sinds de tijd van David en Salomo nooit meer zo’n groot Pesach […]

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Feb 062018
The Damascus/Jerusalem Phase of End-Time Prophecy for the 21e Century / Israël prepares for tsunamis / 1948 - 2018 Israel Rising: Ancient /Modern Lens / Prophecy / Speech Netanyahu Aipac Conference 2018 - blokje video's

The Western world (and particularly the United States) has been experiencing a period of unprecedented prosperity along with relative peace for the past 40 years. That I have been stating that this time of prosperity and relative peace was prophesied to occur before the Second Advent of Christ. While that is true, and we still […]

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Dec 122017
The Balfour Declaration: One Hundred Years Later - JERUZALEM - VROEGER, vandaag en in de TOEKOMST [Chanoekah -1917 - 2017] De Messias bij Chanoeka - De Messiaanse betekenis van Chanoeka / JERUSALEM IS THE CAPITAL OF ISRAEL / The Biblical Calendar

Do you know the story of how a little-known document issued in Great Britain 100 year ago helped set the stage for a key fulfillment of Bible prophecy? “Those stones are the most important find you have made there this summer”. My Israeli dig supervisor was pointing to the large Herodian building stones that had formed […]

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Oct 162017
The New Nuclear Peril: Russia, North Korea and Iran!! America: Attacked Abroad, Divided Within - Terrorism & EMP Weapons / Zionisme 1897 - 2017 - Zion/Tsion ...

The United States and its global allies face dangerous adversaries armed with nuclear weapons or who will likely posses them soon. How significant are these threats, and how do they play into Bible prophecies about what will occur at the “time of the end”? And what should you do to prepare? On Aug. 29, 1949 […]

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Aug 182017
The 120-YEAR END-TIME GENERATION 1897-2017 / Eclipse of the century and interviews about Revelation [12] signs / website pastor Mark Biltz [THE GREAT AMERICAN SOLAR ECLIPSE OF 2017] {{This Prophecy ... Signs in Revelation 12}} Newsletter Pastor Mark Biltz ... September 2017!

UNDERSTANDING REVELATION AND RHEMA Before I share with you my understanding of the end generation, I need to explain something that few understand in the body of Christ, even among the Charismatics who emphasize “the spirituals” – the gifts of the Spirit. Much of what is preached and taught in today’s Churches is nothing more […]

Jul 172017
What's Behind the CHAOS in the Middele East? The world is seeing an increasing number of growing trouble spots. Yet one remains consistent in its ability to dominate the headlines - the Middle East. What's behind its constant turmoil? Tensions on the the Temple square around the 9 Av/5777. Yet will his days be one hundred twenty years [1897-2017] - The creation of the "Counterfeit Church" is the result of the great apostasy ...

Mention the words “Middle East”, and several other words come to mind – violence, bloodshed, hatred, instability, refugees and terrorism. In short, the Middle East scares us! For most of us outside the region, it’s hard to make sense of the huge changes in the Middle East in recent years – the Arab Spring, governments overthrown, dictators toppled, the […]

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May 172017
De les(sen) van 1967 en 1973 ... de Mozaïsche wetgeving - de Herauten van Jahweh's Dag - de Sjofar van 2015 en het Jubeljaar / 2015 begint op de 10th Tevet van het Bijbelse kalenderjaar!

Nu in internationale discussies de grenzen van ’67 weer actueel zijn, een korte geschiedenisles. Hoe zat het ook al weer? Noem het woord ‘geschiedenis’ en je ziet mensen soms met hun ogen rollen. Zeg vervolgens ‘Midden-Oosten’ en mensen sluiten zich geestelijk af, omdat ze geen zin hebben in die schijnbaar bodemloze slangenkuil vol ingewikkelde details […]

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Feb 032017
Turkey As The Antichrist Nation Seven Scriptural Proofs - Turkey Fallen To The Islamists - Turky In Islamic Prophecy - The Time Is Ripe For A Revived Muslim Caliphate - editorial

1. EZEKIEL 38 CONFIRMS TURKEY’S LEADERSHIP ROLE From the prophecies examined in the Book of Ezekiel, we saw that Turkey was significantly emphasized. Of the eight locations that were specified in the Gog Prophecy of Ezekiel 38, five were located firmly within Turkey. Magog, Meshech, Tubal, Togormah, and Gomer are all areas that were within […]

Dec 282016
Israel, goddelijk recht versus internationaal recht - Should Christians support the creation of a sovereign Palestinian state? Analysis of UN vote recognizing "State of Palestine" - Opmerkelijke uitspraak van Hof van Beroep te Versailles: "Israel is de legale bezetter van de Westbank"

Als Israël in het geding is menen ook sommige theologen haarfijn te kunnen uitleggen wat het internationaal te zeggen heeft. Verwijzingen naar dit rechtsgebied behoren tot het vaste arsenaal van de critici van de staat Israël. Er is echter alle aanleiding hierbij wat kritische kanttekeningen te maken. Dominee Veldhuis weet het zeker. CU-kamerlid Joel Voordewind heeft […]

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May 312016
AMERICA can be found in the Bible? / Conclusion / The Persistence of "Circles & Thirds" in the History of the Temple of Jerusalem! Coincidence or is it you ... 5777? Rabbi sees Donald Trump ascendancy in bible codes

The United States is the greatest economic and military power in modern times. Though many theologians and eschatologists have dismissed America’s significance in end-time prophecy, the illuminated elite has not. The ancient order of Free Masonry had a spiritual design for America at its inception. The location of Washington DC was selected according to the […]

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