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Aug 212020
Het Rusland van toen en nu - {EZECHIEL 38 EN 39} ..., DE AANVAL UIT HET NOORDEN, -en zijn plaats binnen het profetisch raamwerk- ... "dat Ik de HERE, Uw God ben, van die dag af en voortaan ..." (Ezechiel 39:22)

RUSLAND IN DE EINDTIJD Als je de wereldkaart bekijkt springt één land onmiddellijk in het oog; Rusland. Een land dat zich uitstrekt van Wladivostok aan de Grote Oceaan tot Moermansk aan de Atlantische Oceaan. Voor 1991 besloeg de Sovjet-Unie een nog veel groter gebied. De Oostzeestaten, Wit Rusland en de Oekraïne, de Kaukasus en Centraal […]

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Jul 302020
THE OLD TESTAMENT and its witness to the Truth of the Mystery / by Charles H. Welch ... [The Berean Expositor Vol. LXI No.11] / Books by Pastor Mark Biltz

The reader who is at all acquainted with our publications, especially if he has read many of the criticisms that have been passed on them, will probably look with some bewilderment at the title of this booklet, and wonder whether at long last, we are about to make a recantation and return to the fold […]

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Jun 272020
An Election within an Election - Dispensational  Truth - by Charles H. Welch ... zie ook eerder geplaatste items van dhr. K.A. den Breejen 06/2018 / SIGNS OF THE TIMES - by Charles H. Welch / 1-2 ...

An Election within an Election Is membership of the one Body co-extensive with salvation? We are sure that there is sufficient in the Scriptures to warrant the belief that the reception of the truth of the Mystery is subject to an elective purpose of God, operating within the wider election unto salvation, and we feel […]

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Apr 182020
The Background to the New Testament (10-12) by BRIAN E. SHERRING / DE ANTICHRIST en DE VOLEINDING / dhr. H. Verweij (pag. 418-439)

The Background to the New Testament / no. 10. Relationship of Christ’s Coming and the Acts Church to Judaism The Lord Jesus Christ came unto His own. He came not to overthrow, but to fulfill. His ministry assumed a continuance of the Jewish institutions of the day, but reformed to His standard of righteousness. The […]

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Mar 142020
The Background to the New Testament (3-9). // Actueel! DE ANTICHRIST en DE VOLEINDING (uit: 'IK BEN DIE IK BEN' dhr. H.Verweij - Eigentijdse en futuristische begrippen verbonden aan de profetie van de bijbel - (pag. 408-418)). Zie ook de: Studieseries - DE OPENBARING - bevrijding van bezet gebied!!

The Background to the New Testament / No. 3. The Herodians The Gospel writers have very little to say about this party. In fact, there are only three references in the New Testament to the word “Herodian” (Matt. 22:16; Mark 3:6; 12:13). It is quite evident from their name that they were either attached to, […]

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Dec 302019
PURIM AND THE END TIMES / LUCIFERISCHE MACHTEN [zie ook: de oorlog tegen de heiligen ... - Jessie Penn-Lewis] / DE CULMINATIE DER HISTORIE / The Background to the New Testament (1-2).

LET’S TAKE A look at another often-misunderstood event that many Christians put aside as Jewish tradition rather than a biblical holiday. It is known as Purim. In the story of Purim we read about a man named Haman, who, with the spirit of the antichrist, wants to annihilate the Jewish people. While Antiochus’ goal in […]

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Nov 172019
Purpose, Promise and Performance ... The iniquity of the Wicked ONE is not yet full / De geboorte van de Messias ... Alfred Edersheim (1825-1889). The STAR That Astonished The World ... / Decoding the Antichrist!

The present Study arose out of an attempt to help a Bible Study leader to show how rational was the principle of “Right Division”, by asking at the outset of any Bible study the questions Which? Who? When? and Where? but found that when the question “Why?” was put, a different category involving the question […]

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Nov 112019

DEPARTURE from the teaching of the Pauline Epistles was the beginning of apostasy in the Church — the commencement of the dark ages. The Reformation was an awakening to sense of this disobedience, but it was only “in part”; and the condition of the Protestant Evangelical Churches to-day exhibits as sad a condition, from another […]

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Oct 292019
PEACE, and at such time ... and, OUR LEGACY

PEACE, and at such a time We have taken an harmless liberty with the salutation found in Ezra 4:17 with which Artaxerxes opened his letter to his chancellor, for there, the frase ‘at such a time’ was equivalent to our indicating 2/6/63 at the opening of a letter to-day. ‘Then sent the king an answer […]

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Sep 262019
THE BOOK OF REVELATION AND THE FEASTS OF THE LORD / The Pagan calendar and the Biblical calendar! / The Autumn feasts of the LORD / MATTHEW 24, HANUKKAH AND THE MESSIAH / Honderd jaar na Weizmann-Feisal overeenkomst (1919)

Did you know that in the Book of Revelation alone we find references to over six hundred verses from the Old Testament, which is also known as the Tanakh? How in the world can you understand the Book of Revelation if you don’t connect the verses to the original Scriptures that were used as a […]

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